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Turkey Time in Michigan

20130505 094149 Turkey Time in Michigan

It’s that time of year again. Time to get in the woods and watch the world wake up to the sound of thundering turkeys.

Seems like the bird count is way down this year but I hopped behind the camera this morning and filmed this monster hitting the ground. Always a blast when you can call em in and film at the same time.

Good luck to everyone out Turkey hunting!


20130505 094501 Turkey Time in Michigan

Last Day of Spring Turkey Season

20120531 053615 Last Day of Spring Turkey Season

Well it’s the last day of the Michigan Spring Turkey season today. I luckily have the morning off work so I headed out with dad this morning for one last chance at the big Tom that’s been giving me the slip all season.

If it doesn’t play out right I guess I’ll just have to eat a turkey tag sandwich this year.

Sure has been a wild ride this year with all the hot weather we’ve had.

In other news: The forest and all the critters are staring to wake up and it looks like its gonna be another great day to be alive!


Putting a Gobbler to Bed

20120502 205048 Putting a Gobbler to Bed

Well turkey season for the FLG boys starts on Monday so I’m out roosting some monster gobblers this evening.

As I type this I can hear 2 birds sounding off about 300 yards away. Definitely has my blood pumping in anticipation of chasing some monster thunderchickens next week.

Spring Turkey Season Opens In Michigan

20120422 235307 Spring Turkey Season Opens In Michigan

Well dawn brings with it the 2012 Michigan Turkey Season opener. Best of luck to all the hunters getting out in the woods tomorrow.

I’ll be joining in the fun for the late season. Until then I’ll be behind the lens huntography style trying to bring y’all some good footage.

Stay safe and I hope everyone tags the thunderchicken of their dreams.


It’s Almost Turkey Time in Michigan

20120301 183427 Its Almost Turkey Time in Michigan

It’s almost time to hit the woods and chase spring gobblers here in Michigan. Don’t forget to get out and purchase your over the counter tag even if you forgot to apply for a permit.