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Last Day of Spring Turkey Season

20120531 053615 Last Day of Spring Turkey Season

Well it’s the last day of the Michigan Spring Turkey season today. I luckily have the morning off work so I headed out with dad this morning for one last chance at the big Tom that’s been giving me the slip all season.

If it doesn’t play out right I guess I’ll just have to eat a turkey tag sandwich this year.

Sure has been a wild ride this year with all the hot weather we’ve had.

In other news: The forest and all the critters are staring to wake up and it looks like its gonna be another great day to be alive!


Steelhead Madness

20120401 180753 Steelhead Madness

Well everyone is hitting the rivers here in Michigan pulling out steelhead. Always a great sign of spring when the bugs are hatching off the river.

Tight lines,