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It’s Panfish Time

20120525 214223 Its Panfish Time

Well turkey season is almost over here in Michigan but lucky for us there are lots of opportunities to chase other game.

The Bluegills are getting hot and heavy on their spawning beds right now which makes for some prime time fishing.

Of course my favorite part about panfish is not how much fun they are to catch but just how tasty they are.

Head to your local lake and hit the shallows over the next few weeks for some non stop panfish action!

Tight lines,


Putting a Gobbler to Bed

20120502 205048 Putting a Gobbler to Bed

Well turkey season for the FLG boys starts on Monday so I’m out roosting some monster gobblers this evening.

As I type this I can hear 2 birds sounding off about 300 yards away. Definitely has my blood pumping in anticipation of chasing some monster thunderchickens next week.

Spring Turkey Season Opens In Michigan

20120422 235307 Spring Turkey Season Opens In Michigan

Well dawn brings with it the 2012 Michigan Turkey Season opener. Best of luck to all the hunters getting out in the woods tomorrow.

I’ll be joining in the fun for the late season. Until then I’ll be behind the lens huntography style trying to bring y’all some good footage.

Stay safe and I hope everyone tags the thunderchicken of their dreams.


Steelhead Madness

20120401 180753 Steelhead Madness

Well everyone is hitting the rivers here in Michigan pulling out steelhead. Always a great sign of spring when the bugs are hatching off the river.

Tight lines,


It’s Steelhead Time in Michigan

20120327 205208 Its Steelhead Time in Michigan

Well it’s springtime here in Michigan and the rivers are jam packed with steelhead this year. All the warm weather has them going fast and furious on their annual spawning run.

If you are like me and bide your time waiting for bow season by chasing other outdoor passions then grab your rod and hit the stream…because the steelhead are in and they are thick.

I almost always practice catch and release but I might just have to keep one for the smoker this weekend.

Get outdoors,


Break Out The Bows

20120325 180829 Break Out The Bows

Well spring time in Michigan means its time to break out the ole Mathew’s bow and start warming up for turkey season.

The steelhead are spawning in the rivers so it definitely won’t be long and it will be time to send some carbon death through some monster gobblers.

Deertour rain delay – Michigan Bowhunting Deerhunting

When you’re in a rain delay, you just have to make do. We’re having a great time hitting up local archery shops and talking with local deer hunters.

Next stop, Gander Mountain.

 Deertour rain delay – Michigan Bowhunting Deerhunting

Black Betty: Driving to our Morning Deer Hunting Spot in Michigan

If this doesn’t get you pumped for hunting monster deer I don’t know what will….

 Black Betty: Driving to our Morning Deer Hunting Spot in Michigan