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And So It Begins

20121004 1855231 And So It Begins

Well welcome to sweet October folks. As I write this I’m on the ground chasing Whitetails for the first time this year. Have a nice button buck 5 yards away from me wanting to get his picture taken for Huntography.

We have been hit really hard with EHD this year down in southwest Michigan so it’s nice to see a live deer.

I wish the best of luck to all my fellow Michigan hunters this season and hope you all have a safe and successful deer season.

If you happen to get that deer of a lifetime please hit me up via my twitter or email listed below and I’ll do my best to share your story up here on huntography (or come film you tell your story).

Shoot straight and have fun!


Hunting Opportunities Everywhere in Michigan

20120305 2138551 Hunting Opportunities Everywhere in Michigan

Went out to a new piece of state land tonight for a quick coyote hunt after work. There was coyote sign everywhere and it was one of the best properties I’ve hunted all year.

Definitely made me think about how blessed we are here in Michigan to have so many great public hunting opportunities. To even make things better the state land we have here isn’t just average, there are some prime time hunting properties.

While I didn’t tag any predators tonight I did get to see a red tailed hawk catch a squirrel and a bunch of other wildlife. It was such a refreshing and uplifting time and definitely made my day.

So all of you hunters out there that are limited in private land hunting opportunities; get out and enjoy nature on some of this states public land offerings. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.