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Deer Season Is Rocking

20121016 115430 Deer Season Is Rocking

Well deer season is rockin and rolling here in michigan. We finally got a good frost last week which should take care of the EHD problem. I’ve been hearing of some nice bucks being taken around the state and was lucky to smoke one myself last Sunday.

Good luck to all my fellow hunters out there.

Be Safe and Shoot straight.


It’s a Huntographers Life For Me

20121006 094723 Its a Huntographers Life For Me

Having a great morning out in the duck blind.

Michigan Duck Opener

Good luck to everyone that’s joining me on this beautiful day for the start of duck season.

Be safe and let’s kill some quackers!

20121006 054618 Michigan Duck Opener

Button Buck at 5 Yards

20121004 192033 Button Buck at 5 Yards

And So It Begins

20121004 1855231 And So It Begins

Well welcome to sweet October folks. As I write this I’m on the ground chasing Whitetails for the first time this year. Have a nice button buck 5 yards away from me wanting to get his picture taken for Huntography.

We have been hit really hard with EHD this year down in southwest Michigan so it’s nice to see a live deer.

I wish the best of luck to all my fellow Michigan hunters this season and hope you all have a safe and successful deer season.

If you happen to get that deer of a lifetime please hit me up via my twitter or email listed below and I’ll do my best to share your story up here on huntography (or come film you tell your story).

Shoot straight and have fun!


Epizootic hemorrhagic disease (that’s not good)

It’s been a miserably hot summer here in Michigan and it’s brought the onset of EHD. I haven’t found any dead deer yet but the fact that the big bucks we were watching disappeared has me more than a little concerned. Sure hope they are still alive and ready for their big day on film for Deertour.

Below is a press release from the DNR about the areas in Michigan affected so far.

EHD confirmed in eight Michigan counties: Barry, Branch, Calhoun, Cass, Clinton, Eaton, Ionia and Montcalm

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Michigan State University Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health recently confirmed and announced the death of deer in Ionia and Branch counties was due to epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD). Today the two organizations have confirmed EHD in six additional counties: Barry, Calhoun, Cass, Clinton, Eaton and Montcalm. There has been a nationwide increase of EHD outbreaks due to the extended hot and dry conditions.

The often-fatal viral disease, found in wild ruminants, causes extensive internal bleeding within deer and is transmitted by a midge, or type of biting fly. A constant characteristic of the disease is its sudden onset. Deer lose their appetite and fear of humans, grow progressively weaker, salivate excessively and finally become unconscious. Due to a high fever, infected deer often are found sick or dead along or in bodies of water. There is no evidence that humans can contract the EHD virus.

EHD outbreaks killing deer in Michigan have occurred in isolated areas almost every year since 2006. Prior to 2006, EHD outbreaks in Michigan occurred in 1955 and 1974. The estimated mortality has varied from 50 to 1,000 deer per year in the affected areas.

“We are seeing a large die-off of deer in local areas. To date we have over 900 reports of dead deer across all counties,” stated Tom Cooley, DNR wildlife biologist and pathologist. “Although it is difficult to see so many dead deer, this is still a localized issue and the regional deer population should not be impacted.”

The DNR would like to remind hunters that they may not see as many deer in the areas where EHD is occurring. Deer numbers in the affected areas should rebound within a few years.

There is no known effective treatment for, or control of, EHD. Where EHD is more common, deer have built up antibodies to the disease, and population recovery does not take long. Michigan deer do not have the benefit of these antibodies. Losses may be severe but are typically restricted to localized areas. Population recovery may take longer than has been experienced in other states.

Property owners who discover dead deer or would like to talk to their local wildlife biologist should contact their nearest DNR office. Office locations can be found at by clicking on Wildlife Offices.

It is acceptable to allow natural deterioration processes to dispose of deer that die from EHD. Natural deterioration will not spread the disease or cause other disease outbreaks. Property owners are responsible for the proper disposal of carcasses that they wish to remove from the site. Carcasses should be buried at a sufficient depth so that no parts are showing above ground. Carcasses also can be disposed of at landfills that accept household solid waste.

For more information on EHD, visit

Fish For Free In Michigan This Weekend!

Thanks to the Michigan DNR ANYONE can get out fishing this weekend without needing a fishing license. This is an awesome opportunity to introduce new people to fishing without any real cost to them. You can see the DNR’s bulletin about this event below.


2012 Summer Free Fishing Weekend
Get out and fish for FREE this Saturday & Sunday!

Just a reminder that all Michigan residents and non-residents can fish without a license this Saturday, June 9 and Sunday, June 10. Please note all other fishing regulations still apply.

ffwbanner size original Fish For Free In Michigan This Weekend!
Saturday and Sunday make up the Summer Free Fishing Weekend – an annual effort to promote Michigan’s plentiful fishing opportunities. While many individuals and families will head out to fish for free on their own, the DNR is pleased to share there are numerous organized events scheduled throughout the state to celebrate the weekend as well.

Various locations throughout Michigan will host scheduled events, including Bay City, Boyne City, Chelsea, Clare, Coldwater, Crystal Falls, Detroit, East Tawas, Escanaba, Flint, Grant, Grayling, Hale, Holly, Howell, Independence Township, Interlochen, Ionia, Iron River, L’Anse, Lake Linden, Linwood, Lupton, Marenisco, Mattawan, Metamora, Mt. Pleasant, Negaunee, Newaygo, Oakland, Okemos, Ontonagon, Osseo, Paradise, Pinckney, Ray Township, Waterford and throughout Roscommon and St. Clair counties.

If you’d like to see all of the events occurring this weekend, visit the official event chart online.

For more information about the 2012 Summer Free Fishing Weekend please visit

Last Day of Spring Turkey Season

20120531 053615 Last Day of Spring Turkey Season

Well it’s the last day of the Michigan Spring Turkey season today. I luckily have the morning off work so I headed out with dad this morning for one last chance at the big Tom that’s been giving me the slip all season.

If it doesn’t play out right I guess I’ll just have to eat a turkey tag sandwich this year.

Sure has been a wild ride this year with all the hot weather we’ve had.

In other news: The forest and all the critters are staring to wake up and it looks like its gonna be another great day to be alive!


It’s Panfish Time

20120525 214223 Its Panfish Time

Well turkey season is almost over here in Michigan but lucky for us there are lots of opportunities to chase other game.

The Bluegills are getting hot and heavy on their spawning beds right now which makes for some prime time fishing.

Of course my favorite part about panfish is not how much fun they are to catch but just how tasty they are.

Head to your local lake and hit the shallows over the next few weeks for some non stop panfish action!

Tight lines,


Putting a Gobbler to Bed

20120502 205048 Putting a Gobbler to Bed

Well turkey season for the FLG boys starts on Monday so I’m out roosting some monster gobblers this evening.

As I type this I can hear 2 birds sounding off about 300 yards away. Definitely has my blood pumping in anticipation of chasing some monster thunderchickens next week.