Cabela’s World’s Foremost Customer

I love Cabela’s. It’s my favorite hunting store hands down. I received this certificate along with a large hard covered special limited-edition catalog many years ago. When you spend a decent amount of money in their store, This is what you get icon smile Cabela’s World’s Foremost Customer

I haven’t received one since then as most of the gear I currently own has lasted the test of time. That’s a good thing as it proves the quality of the gear and better yet, my pocket sure appreciates it as well. However, I do plan on upgrading to some new gear within the next year as one piece of gear actually failed. My Cabela’s rain suede gear tore on some briars in both Michigan and Georgia. Oh well, that’s just a part of deer hunting.

 Cabela’s World’s Foremost Customer

 Cabela’s World’s Foremost Customer

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